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Some advice for experiencing relaxing holidays, while driving our cars without any problems.


Turn off the headlights

Please do not forget to turn the car’s headlights off when getting off the car, since the battery will drain down very quickly.

Turn off the radio

We advise you to turn the radio off before getting out of the car.

Pay attention to the car’s keys

Losing the keys of the car rental can turn a relaxing vacation into a stressful occasion, so you need to mind them. In case of losing your keys, you are obliged to pay an extra charge for replacing them.

Driving and Alcohol

Please do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, since any insurance is not valid in those cases.

Speed Limits

While driving, do not use a mobile phone and do not exceed speed limits, since the police controls are extremely regular and are everywhere. Penalties for exceeding the speed limit include demerit points, fine, license suspension and in some cases even a short prison term.

Car Park

Do not park your car in specified places where parking is prohibited, since tickets and appended administrative sanctions are the renter’s responsibility.

Additional Driver

An additional driver is allowed to drive the rental car only if this is explicitly stated on the on-line reservation form and by paying an extra charge. If someone else is illegally allowed to drive the rental car, any insurance is not valid.

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