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26 Apr, 2018

Top 5 reasons to choose Corfu Low Cost car rental

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Stress-free holiday with Corfu Low Cost Car Rental

The summer is fast approaching and that holiday you booked for Corfu a few months back, doesn’t seem like a faraway dream anymore. Your charter flight to Corfu and your accommodation were reserved months in advance. Did you, however, give much thought to one of the most critical elements of your holiday?

Booking from the best and most affordable Low-Cost Car Rental in Corfu airport will ensure that your dream holiday will come true

Corfu island is pretty big, therefore, not the type of island you could just explore on foot. You can’t just say that you’ll hop on a push bike or a bus for that matter either. It is the kind of island you need to have a good, reliable car. Depending on the size of your party, it will be a car that can comfortably accommodate everyone. Where you can easily explore the many sights, Corfu has to offer.

It is imperative to invest some time and allocate part of your budget for your car hire in Corfu. If you think of your car rental as the very first and the very last experience you will have on your vacation, you may just realise the amount of impact it will have on your Corfu holiday.

At Corfu Low-Cost car rental, we strongly advise you to hire your car with us here at the terminal instead of hailing a taxi. Afterall, this is where your holiday experience starts.

If you need some assistance to decide why you should rent a car with Corfu Low-Cost car rental, here are our top 5 reasons to use our services

1.Corfu Low-Cost car rental is a family-run, local business

We started this business nearly 40 years ago, (back in 1980). We only had a very small number of cars then, but a huge ambition to become the highlight of your holiday experience in Corfu. We take pride in our customer service, and because we are family run, we have the luxury of providing you with personalised service. We believe that as the first point of contact upon your arrival at Corfu airport, you should only receive the attention you deserve.

  • Our stability as a business has survived this long because we rely on each other. We take our decisions about our car hire business as a family, not as a multi-international corporation across the globe.
  • The flexibility that we can afford to have as a family business is reflected upon the quality of service we have provided our customers since 1980. Through trial and error, we can manage to eliminate and fine-tune business practices that will work best for our car rental business. Our ultimate focus is always pinpointed on you, the customer and your individual needs. We rely on your feedback to make snap decisions that will positively impact your overall holiday experience in Corfu. As a result, our policies are not formed in another part of the globe. The decisions are not taking place within the enclosed walls of a high-rise building. It is not a remote process, away from the daily needs of our clients.
  • Commitment is a prominent word in our vocabulary. Our very survival as a family business is depended on it. It is nearly impossible to achieve this level of commitment in big, international car hire chains. It is through this commitment that we form stronger customer relationships. The end result is that we have a competitive advantage, as we are in a better position to understand your needs.

2. Our large fleet of cars will accommodate all of your needs

Whether you’re travelling as a single, couple or family, we have the cars to suit your need.
When we started 38 years ago, we only had 4 cars. The notion of ‘Tourism’ back then was a lot different than what it is today. Customer expectations were virtually non-existent back in the 80’s. As long as you were able to provide 4 wheels, everyone was happy. A lot has changed, however, since last century in this ever-growing industry.

Low Cost Corfu Airport car hire

Breezy rides from Low-Cost Corfu car rental

The demands of the trade have increased dramatically. The industry of Tourism has reached new heights. So have the expectations and needs of customers looking to hire a car for their holiday in Corfu. At Corfu Low-Cost car rental, we always strive to not only keep up with the current trends in this car rental business but to be at least one step ahead. We keep evolving to meet your growing needs. Our group of cars has increased 10-fold through the decades. We can now offer even tourist buses operating throughout the island of Corfu.

We can provide you with a wide range of different vehicles. Starting from 2-seater ‘Smart – Mercedes’ cars, SUV’s to suit a larger family and their luggage to convertible type, luxury beauties for breezy rides throughout Corfu.

3. Stress-free reservations at Corfu Low-Cost car rental through our website.

How often do you come across a website offering the privilege of booking their services with no credit cards and no deposits? Credit cards are so widely used that they have managed to become the horsepower of today’s financial world. Nothing is guaranteed without them, especially in the Tourism and Car hire businesses. This is where Corfu Low-Cost car rental can come to the rescue. Despite the extensive use of cards globally, there are still people that don’t own one. We have yet to find a car hire agency, (especially on our trips to Europe and USA), that can let you drive a car away without a prior guarantee of a credit card.

As a family business, we can see outside the box and have a more humanised approach to this phenomenon. Our online booking system can let you proceed with your reservation and guarantee the availability of your car upon your arrival at Corfu airport. We listen to everyone’s holiday needs and try to address them. We don’t ask you for a deposit either. We are firm believers that your holiday experience should involve no stress factors whatsoever. How many car rental companies have you come across that display such level of trust on the car hire process?

4. Experienced staff awaits you at Corfu Low-Cost car rental

Our staff has been evolving and improving throughout the years of operation. Our family members have seen and dealt with more client requests than your average employee of our competitor’s car hire in Corfu. They dealt with enough issues and had to come up with solutions on the spot, avoiding unnecessary delays. Because we don’t have to go through the complicated policy channels that an international chain deals with, our customer queries are dealt in a fast and efficient manner.

At Corfu Low-Cost car rental, you won’t often hear the phrase ‘sorry, it’s against our company’s policy’.
All of our staff, (whether new additions to our team or family members), are empowered to make decisions that will positively affect not only your car hire but also your holiday experience with us. We continuously try to improve through past experiences and your valuable feedback.

5. Multiple car hire office locations throughout Corfu

Corfu Low-Cost Car Rental is spread throughout Corfu. We understand how imperative it is to have the ability to pick up your car from various car rental offices. These are situated in key locations in Corfu for your own convenience. If you don’t need us to deliver your rental car at Corfu airport and start driving upon your arrival, our offices can deliver it to your hotel for free.
In addition, we offer free delivery and pick-up, (during the day), to Corfu port if you happen to visit us from another island or arriving from mainland Greece.

Our offices are located in:

  • Ipsos
  • Gouvia

Whether it is an emergency or a case of a flat tire, we offer 24/7 roadside assistance for your peace of mind.

We are largely responsible for your overall experience of your Corfu holiday. Our top priority is to offer you quality cars with excellent customer service. In our 38 years of operation, we have expanded our family business and created a large fleet of car rentals to cover your needs. We have revamped our website and added a Secure protocol, (SSL), so we can safely process your personal data. We are proud to be one of the very few car rental companies that can offer no credit card and no deposit, guaranteed reservations.

The experienced staff you will meet in any of our 3 car hire offices in Corfu, (Airport, Port and Gouvia Marina), are empowered to provide you with a holiday experience you know you deserve.

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